11 Tips for selling a house for top dollar in 2023

Selling a house is an exciting time for many people. It can also be stressful and downright terrifying if you’re not prepared. The good news is that there are a number of simple things you can do to make the process easier, faster and more profitable for you at the same time! Here we’ll look at some tips on what to do when selling your home in 2023.

1) Get a pre-listing inspection.


The first thing you should do before putting your house up for sale is to get a pre-listing inspection. An inspection will help you identify any issues with the home that might reduce its value, and allow you to make repairs ahead of time so you don’t end up selling in a buyer’s market.

There are two kinds of inspections: full and mini. A full inspection offers an in-depth look into all systems within the house—from electrical wiring to plumbing fixtures—and will take up to five hours (so plan accordingly). Mini inspections only cover major components such as heating and cooling systems, roofs, windows, doors and floors; they usually last between 30 minutes to an hour.

An inspector will typically report their findings on these things:

  • Foundation/basement walls/roofs
  • Structural support beams/girders
  • Electrical outlets/lighting fixtures

2) Set the right price.

No matter how great your house is, if it doesn’t sell at the right price, you won’t get top dollar. Set the right price by considering three things:

  • The current market conditions in your area.
  • How much other similar houses are selling for in your area?
  • How much people love where you live and would be willing to pay for a place like yours in their neighborhood (which is called “buying aspiration”).

3) Declutter and deep clean:

If you want to sell your house for top dollar in 2023, you first need to get rid of the clutter. This means clearing out the garage and basement, throwing out old magazines and newspapers, donating any items that are broken, stained or otherwise unusable. If it seems like a good idea at first glance but hasn’t been used in years—like your drum set or a treadmill—it might be time for it to go.

Finally (and this may seem obvious), make sure all toilets flush properly!

4) Paint everything white:

It’s easy to forget that your house is a space where people will be spending their time. When you’re still living in it, it feels like home—but to someone who doesn’t know the layout like the back of his or her hand, it’s an unfamiliar place. Paint everything white: kitchen cabinets, bathroom walls, bedroom walls—even the ceiling! Everyone knows that white looks good on camera; what they may not realize is that it also makes everything look larger and brighter..

White paint also complements any other colors you choose for your interior design scheme much better than off-white tones do (beyond being easier on the eyes). It also makes cleaning easier because there are fewer hard-to-clean surfaces or dark corners that make dirt more noticeable against them.

5) Give the kitchen an update:

If you’re looking to sell your house in 2023, then you need to make some updates. The kitchen is the most important room of any home, so it should be given some extra attention. In addition to updating the flooring and cabinets with something new and fresh, try replacing countertops or adding new appliances such as a gas stovetop or a microwave oven. If you have guests coming over soon and want your house to look its best, consider hiring an interior designer who specializes in kitchens (they’re easy enough to find). You’ll get professional advice and recommendations on how best to spruce up this vital space!

6) Stage your home:

In the same way that a freshly painted room can make you feel like anything is possible, staging your home will help buyers envision their own belongings in your space. Bring in neutral colors, avoid personal items and clutter (no photos of family members or personal memorabilia), and use professional staging to project a clean, organized vibe. Consider hiring an interior designer if you’re not sure where to start! It’s important not to go too crazy with accessories; just enough so that it looks like someone lives there but not so much that it feels crowded or staged,

7) Take better photos:

This is a no-brainer, so let’s just get it out of the way. Taking better photos will help you sell your house, and it can also help you make more money when you do sell it.

The best photos are taken outside in natural light since that gives buyers the most realistic idea of what the property looks like during the day when they’re there to look at it. If your house has a great backyard, take advantage! If you have a nice view from an upstairs window or balcony (especially if there aren’t any trees blocking the view), that’ll also be an attractive feature for potential buyers to see in their minds’ eyes before they’ve even seen the place themselves.

You should also take as many different shots as possible—front door and garage entrance; interior and exterior sides of each room; top-down shots that show off all four walls plus ceilings (or just ceilings); closeups on interesting architectural features like crown moulding or intricate designs on windowsills; and any other pictures that might catch people’s attention but don’t necessarily go into detail about how much space there actually is or what kind of appliances come with kitchen cabinets (and why those details matter).

8) Know what buyers in your area will be looking for.

Be sure to know what buyers in your area will be looking for. Know the competition, market trends and local economy.

Know the population of your neighborhood, school district, and type of homes that are selling in your area. This can help you price your home competitively with other listings in the area. A good agent should know all this information without needing you to tell them!

9) Fix any small repairs that are needed.

When it comes to the condition of your home, remember: Buyers won’t buy if they don’t want to live there. So make sure that you’ve got all the small repairs taken care of—even before you put your house on the market!

For example, if a lightbulb is out and it’s a safety hazard, replace it as soon as possible. And even if there are no obvious repairs needed at first glance, be sure to check for any issues with the plumbing or electrical system (and get them fixed). Look for cracks in walls and windows and fix them as much as you can afford. If there are any holes in your roof or foundation, make sure they’re patched up quickly before buyers come through.

If all else fails (and believe us when we say this happens), consider getting advice from a professional real estate agent who can help guide you through each step of selling real estate so that your listing will sparkle like new when potential buyers tour through!

10) Make sure it smells good and looks inviting too!

Let’s be honest: Nobody wants to buy a house that smells bad. The buyer of your property will probably want to walk around, look for damage and assess the overall condition of the house before making an offer. If your home has an odor that can’t be explained by normal circumstances, that could turn them off from buying it altogether. This may seem like a small detail, but trust us when we say that buyers are much more likely to give high bids on homes they find aesthetically pleasing than those they perceive as messy or dirty (even if they’re not).

To avoid scaring away potential buyers with unpleasant odors or smells, take some time each day or week before listing a house for sale to clean every room thoroughly. It’s also important that you make sure there aren’t any lingering odors—like cigarettes or pets—in any part of the house before showing it off!

11) De-personalize your house to make it more appealing to a larger audience.

  • If you don’t have time to de-personalize your house, hire someone else to do it for you.
  • Hire a professional photographer and/or designer to make sure that every picture looks pristine.
  • Remove bookshelves full of books, papers and any other clutter from the house. This will make the rooms seem bigger and cleaner.


We hope that these tips have inspired you to get your house looking its best and ready for the market. It’s important to remember that there are always things that can be improved, even after you’ve taken all the necessary steps to stage your home and make it look amazing. But we think we’ve covered everything from painting everything white to decluttering so that buyers can picture themselves living there! Good luck with selling your house for top dollar in 2023!